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Range of Products

Carbon Brushes for Electrical Applications


Motors, Generators and Exciters used in different Industries like Power, Steel, Textile, Cement, Sugar, Tyre, Ships, Mining, Ceramic   etc. 



Synchronous, Asynchronous & Slip Ring Induction Motors & Alternators. 

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Traction Machines

Motors, Generators, Buses, Diesel Locomotives, Fork lifting Trucks  


Automobile Vehicle

Dynamos, Alternators, Generators, Starters, Wiper & different Drive Motors etc. 

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Thermal Power Station

Turbo Generator Slip Ring, Exciter, Emergency Jack Oil Motors, Earthing. 


Hydro Power Stations

Generator Slipring, Exciter and Earthing  

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Gas Turbine


Home Appliances & Water Pumps

H.P. Motors for Mixies, Grinders, Water Pumps etc. 

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Building Industry

Grinders, Drills, Stone Cutting M/c etc. 

Machines Tools

Drills and different Hand Tools etc.

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