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Range of Products

Miscellaneous Products


To facilitate and help our customers we can also provide Brush Holders, Spring Balance, Bedding Stones, Glass Fiber sticks, Slip rings which are allied items to our product “Carbon Brush”.


Miscellaneous Services

Preparation of Complete Specification of Electrical Machines

Supervision of Erection & Commissioning

Comparison of Technical parameters of offers submitted by various Electrical Machine Manufacturers

R & M activity for old Imported/Indigenous Machines

Advise on Uprating of the Machine

Analyse the problem of Frequent Failures, including Remedial measures

Sparking/High Brush wear problem

Maintenance of Brush Gear of DC & AC Machines

Maintenance of Commutator of DC & AC Machines

General Maintenance of DC & AC Machines

Fault finding of DC & AC Machines

Any other problem related to performance of DC & AC Machines